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The most important step in orthopedics is the correct DIAGNOSIS

Which limb(s) is/are affected? Is there maybe a combination out of a top line and a distal limb problem?

For answering these questions your horse is examined CLINICALLY in hand and often also under tack - so we can also check up whether the rider is part of the described problem or not?

Based on our clinical findings we develop an individual examination plan for your horse: localizing the injured region with diagnostic blocks the following set up with x-rays and ultrasound examinations helps us to find out a CLEAR DIAGNOSIS

Further examinations such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT) and scintigraphy are performed in cooperation with adjacent equine hospitals. 

Based on the correct diagnosis, we will develop a LONG-TERM HEALTH MAINTENANCE PLAN for your horse  


in Germany and Europe

Are you interested in a horse and you need a veterinarian to check up the health status? And your home vet can´t come over?

Then you are welcome to contact us - we can also go in touch with your home vet to check up the requested examination standards. 

The most important steps in a PPE are for me:

1. fair examination for buyers and sellers 

2. clear transparency of the whole examination: 

  • video taping of the clinical exam  
  • holding a high standard of the x-rays, ultrasound and endoscopic examinations

3. digital recording of the vet report 


Laser therapy with a high-power laser has been established in human high performance sports in the last years. This advanced and painless therapy is now also being used successfully in horses. It is particularly effective in treating tendon injuries and helps to shorten the rehabilitation period. 

Dr. Christoph Vente

Veterinarian Orthopedics DVM



Eichenhof am Mühlbach


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